Funeral Programs

During one of the toughest times in your life, it helps to have things go smoothly. And that applies to planning funerals. It helps to have reliable service providers who can get things done quickly, with little supervision, and affordably.

Printing funeral programs is one of those tasks you should not have to pay too much attention to. That is if you have the right printing services at work. And luckily, you are in the right place to get high-quality funeral programs.

We are here for you when you need legible funeral programs to inform and tell a story. Our services are fast, efficient, and reliable. Rest assured, we will have everything you need and more.


We offer professional design services for the funeral program. Our design properties will include the following:

Good Flow

Your funeral programs will have a proper flow. We strive to tell a story rather than just inform. We especially apply this when writing the life story. Everything will be in proper chronological order.

In addition, we add the correct corresponding images so the program creates a properly-honoring story. We are keen on including venue information, time, and the program’s timeline. Rest assured; everything will be as you desire.

Correct Information

Nothing is as bad as realizing the information on the funeral program is wrong. Giving attendants the wrong information can affect the ceremony. In addition, it could leave out important information on the deceased’s life story.

For these reasons, we are keen on ensuring that the information you give is what appears in the funeral program. We double-check before printing and check again after. In addition, we also do a practice print to ensure the information is correct.

Proper Spelling

You may have to include vernacular names and words in the funeral program. It can be challenging to lock down the spelling of such terms. In addition, grammar mistakes are common even when typing in English or Swahili.

Our attention to detail ensures that grammatical and spelling mistakes are not a part of your funeral programs. Our designers are keen, will double-check, and ensure everything is correct.

High-Quality Images

And lastly, we will include memorable images in the funeral program. We understand that some of the photos may be older, but we do our best to ensure they look just as great on the print.



Our printing services ensure the funeral programs are legible. This is thanks to our techniques and modern printing equipment. We will get the font and size just right so that everyone can read the funeral program well.

Tough Paper

Paper quality is important when it comes to funeral programs. It is because funeral programs can be valued keepsakes to remember the passed loved one. Therefore, we are keen on using durable paper. It also helps during transportation, preventing tearing and unwanted folding.

Affordable Funeral Programs

Let us take care of funeral programs while you handle the important things. We are strict on meeting deadlines and promise high-quality results every time. More than that, we strive to offer affordable services. Therefore, do not struggle to meet high prices– contact us instead. And to be sure, you can get an accurate estimate for free!