Screen printing in Nairobi kenya

Screen Printing in Nairobi Kenya

As a business, you may need to create branded items such as mugs, umbrellas, clothing, hats, etc. It could be for a sales promotion, signage, uniforms for your staff, or corporate gifts for shareholders.

For these reasons, you should always pick the right printing method that ensures the best outcomes. We recommend screen printing for high-quality results.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing involves the practitioner transferring a design onto a flat surface using a stencil, ink, mesh, and squeegee. This effective method is ideal for transferring prints onto metal, fabric, paper, wood, glass, and even plastic.

Therefore, screen printing is ideal for branding t-shirts, product labels, decals and stickers, signage, displays, and more.

Benefits of Screen Printing

  • Vibrance. Screen printing produces vibrant and deep colors, something other printing techniques fail to replicate. If you have a logo with unique colors that other printing methods never seem to get right, screen printing will get the job done. Each color layer is done separately, thus preserving clarity and vibrance.
  • Versatility. As mentioned before, you can use screen printing on various materials. Additionally, you can get multiple-colored designs, and the print will come out clear.
  • Cost-effectiveness. While screen printing is more expensive than other printing methods, it becomes cost-effective with high-volume orders. So if you are preparing for a sale or campaign, this is the ideal method.
  • Speed. Screen printing promises quick outcomes. It is especially efficient for printing a single design over and over.

We Offer Screen Printing Affordably

The key to successful branded products is quality. You need high-quality materials and high-quality screen printing.

You will get access to quality fabrics and paper by partnering with us for screen printing branding. In addition, you will enjoy the clarity and vibrance of our screen printing practices.

For more information about our affordable screen printing services, call today. We are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership with you.