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Photo mounting services in Nairobi Kenya.1,500)

Photo Mounting Services in Nairobi

Events come and pass more so memories come and go but with photos of events and ceremonies with us  the memories shall remain forever within us. In good times we need to have photos to keep the good memories of the long gone times and in the event of losing our loved ones we also need to keep their memories within us and for generations to come through well mounted and attractive photos.


Before we do our printing we always look at the quality and resolution of your photos to help us choose the best background to fit your event and event moods and for better quality prints. In the event of low quality photos we always offer advice and the available assistance to our clients to make their photos outstanding .We also give advice concerning the types of lamination coats suitable for certain photos and events ranging from; (glossy,matte,frost and leather ).


For a good photo mounts you need to have the best professionals to give you a quality and outstanding product and that’s what Blueprint Nairobi does for you. A good and quality work comprises of good prints and the best finishing ever. We offer different sizes for our clients to choose i.e. (A4,A3,A2 and even A 1 when the need be ).We also have you to choose the frames of your choice from; board frames, glass frames and leather frames all having different prices and durability periods without distortion .Whether you need the latest imported or locally made frames we have you covered.