Products Design In Nairobi Kenya.

Products Designs In Nairobi Kenya.

Product design is just not about capitalizing on a market opportunity. It is also about solving a problem and validating it with real users. That is why this process is best left to the professionals.

We have extended experience with product designs. Our process is simple yet effective. Additionally, it works for all industries and businesses. So if you want help transforming your industry with professional product design, reach out to us today!

Our Product Design Process

Our general product design process includes the following:

  • Problem Definition and Idea Creation. We will strive to better understand the problem and the product or services that will solve it. This stage involves multiple solution suggestions within the constraints you, the company, lays out.
  • Feasibility. The next stage involves determining the product’s cost, potential shortcomings, and manufacturing challenges. The stage usually ends with one or two prototype developments that solve these and other challenges.
  • Testing. The prototype undergoes testing to note weaknesses and problems. During this stage, we make careful changes to ensure the product works well and is the best. This process may also include customer testing. We make changes based on their responses.

After this, the product is ready for packaging and marketing. We are also equipped to produce packaging designs and prints. Additionally, we can create and print marketing materials that effectively promote the product.

Our Pricing

Rest assured that we strive to make our processes affordable. We offer competitive pricing per industry standards. You can reach out today to get an estimate for your unique project.

Call For Outstanding Product Designs!

Whether starting a business or launching something new, you can rely on our product design services to get the job done. We are skilled, creative, and experienced– qualities that will produce great results.

Contact us through our website to learn more about how we can help you take your product to the next level.

T-shirts printing in Nairobi Kenya.

T-Shirts Branding In Nairobi Kenya.

T-shirt branding has many uses, especially when it comes to a business. You could brand t-shirts for your staff to make them more recognizable. It is imperative during huge sales promotions.

You can also brand t-shirts and give them to clients as gifts with purchase. It is a genius strategy for new businesses and those running sales promotions.

Branding t-shirts can also be an excellent way to market your business. People who wear them turn into walking billboards, freely promoting your products and services. For this and other reasons, you must ensure that your designs and prints are eye-catching, clear, and impactful to the target audience.

Luckily, we know more than a thing or two about t-shirt branding. You can trust us to brand t-shirts well for the purposes mentioned above and more.

Necessary Steps Of Our Process

  • Understanding the market. We strive to understand the market because it impacts the branding. You need a t-shirt that people will wear outside instead of in bed. That means coming up with a cool design the target audience can relate to. Additionally, it means high-quality printing that catches the eye.
  • Color coding. We are very keen when it comes to color selection. For starters, we are keen to get your logo colors right so clients will easily recognize you. Secondly, we strive to use color combinations that are aesthetically appealing to the target audience. Some color profiles work with specific audiences, which is what we try to achieve.
  • The test prints. We always do a test print to ensure the design is what you are going for. It is a priority, especially for bulk orders.

High-Quality T-Shirt Branding

Ready to create impactful eye-catching branded t-shirts? We are your trusted partner for this and other services. Rest assured, we will put your dream on a t-shirt, meeting, if not exceeding, your expectations. And we do it all at competitive prices per industry standards. Make your order today!




Letter Heads printing in Nairobi Kenya.

Letter Heads printing in Nairobi Kenya.

Print communication may seem dead, but nothing compares to holding a piece of paper with a message on it. It is why so many companies and businesses still use letterheads in corporate and external communication.

Letterheads typically include the company logo, name, address, and contact information. It is an effective way to make an impression with clients, potential investors. Additionally, it authenticates messages sent within the company.

A good letterhead design makes all the difference too. Luckily, you do not have to worry about this because you can trust us to effectively design and print your letterheads. We are a trusted design and distributing business with only your best interests in mind.

Our Letter Head Designs and Print

First things first, we take care of your logo. We are careful to ensure that your logo comes out as it should throughout the design and printing process. Expect no stretching nor squeezing of the logo. We ensure it is just as original and clear as the sign on your business.

Next, we input all the details required on the letterhead. This is a tricky step as the letterhead could look squeezed and poorly done in the wrong hands. Luckily, our design team is well experienced. Therefore, you can expect outstanding balance throughout the document, making it easy on the eyes, ideal for passing messages and attracting attention.

When it comes to printing, we are precise and careful. We only use high-quality paper, specially designed for printing durable letterheads. Additionally, we use an array of ink colours to best match your logo. This means staying true to different shades and hues as needed. Because we have invested in high-quality technology, expect no mistakes, blotting or tearing throughout the printing process.

Overall, we offer high-quality letterheads worthy of corporate use. We can customize any logo or design depending on your needs. And finally, we offer great prices and discounts for bulk orders.



Recipe Books printing in Nairobi Kenya.

Recipe Books printing in Nairobi Kenya.

Recipe books are treasures in households and restaurants alike. After all, they give instructions on how to make different meals, desserts, and beverages. And what is better than a step-by-step guide to your favorite meal? However, it is essential to acknowledge that some recipe books are superior to others. The content might be good, but the presentation will not attract many. Besides the recipes, there are a few qualities of a good recipe book that will help it stand out, gaining users’ attention. Luckily, we know what exactly goes into a good recipe book.

Our Recipe Books

Your engaging and informative recipes combined with our excellent design skills could help you take over the culinary industry. Designing a recipe book is about precision and dedication to high-quality execution.

When it comes to paper and ink, we have invested in the best quality materials. We use thicker paper that offers excellent tear resistance. This quality is ideal for holding prints for longer, with little chance of fading. Speaking of ink, we use good quality ink that promises no fading. Additionally, we guarantee to match your desired hue and shade.

To guarantee a long-lasting recipe book while improving visuals, we give each page a glossy finish. This finish makes it more attractive, like a magazine, while ensuring it survives any damage from water, resists stains, and ages beautifully.

During the design process, we will also help you select good-quality images. Internationally-known chefs worldwide have stated that it is necessary to add pictures to a recipe book to make it more attractive. It also helps build appetite and gives the user a rough idea of what the product should look like. Therefore, we help you select the best images for the recipe book. We will choose high-quality images, scale them down to fit in your book while retaining high resolution, so they do not turn out pixelated.

With the promise of all these services at an affordable price, we hope you come to us when you are ready to change the recipe game.


Funeral program Design in Nairobi Kenya.

Funeral Program Design in Nairobi Kenya.

It is always to get a detailed funeral program with good design features. Many people keep funeral programs as keepsakes in honour of the loved one’s memory.

Likewise, a good funeral program helps people keep time and lets them know what to expect. All this must reflect on the design. If you are in charge of a funeral program, come to us, and we will design one for you.

Design Features

  • Legibility

One design issue with funeral programs is the legibility of the text. You need a funeral program that people can read easily. We are champions of design and select legible fonts in an appropriate size. This makes it easy for anyone to read.

  • Good images

The next thing is the images. Image placement needs to be deliberate, organized, and not random to improve the program’s look. We know how to achieve the correct text to image balance for a lovely, easy-to-read outcome.

  • Practical layout

Speaking of balance. We design funeral programs with a good layout. The layout makes it easy to follow the various activities on the program.

This ensures that anyone can follow through no matter what time they arrive at the ceremony. In addition, it allows speakers to stay alert and know exactly when they go on. This eases transitions between various speakers and presenters.

  • Correctness

Lastly, we aim to get everything correct from dates, times, names, and even grammar. Whatever language you choose, we will strive to get the text correct for clarity.

In Conclusion, when you come with us, you will have an easy time. You can leave the design to us, and we will create something that everyone will understand easily. Additionally, you can turn to us for printing services. We have the best prices in town but don’t just take out word for it. Try any of our services today.


Gift BoxesPrinting in Nairobi

Gift Boxes

Are you worried about the presentation of your gift? A gift box can elevate that and ease your worries. A good and well-built gift box is just what you need to ensure that the presentation of your gift will dazzle the recipient, but not before it builds desired anticipation. We are your reliable provider of stylish gift boxes in multiple sizes, shapes, and colours. If you bought it, we can box it up for gifting.

Our Excellent Gift Boxes

There are many gift-box manufactures and distributors in the market. However, we dare to stand out by offering something different and unique in all our gift boxes. Some of the characteristics that help our products stand out include:

  1. Long-lasting. Sometimes, you can buy the gift and box it a little too early before the birthday or event. This means that you have to store it for a while, awaiting the right day. When you finally pull it out of storage, you can expect the same lustre and shine as when you first purchased it.
  2. Sturdy. We use high-quality materials in the construction of these gift boxes. Therefore, you can rest easy while transporting the gift, knowing that the materials will hold up against some pressure without tearing or collapsing.
  3. Visually-appealing. What is the purpose of a gift box if it doesn’t impress, right? We use visually appealing decorations and patterns in the construction of our gift boxes. This helps to build anticipation in the recipient and adds points for presentation.
  4. Customizable. Lastly, we offer customization for gift boxes to make them more personal. This is a great way to ensure the recipient develops an emotional attachment with the gift and box altogether. They will likely keep the box as a treasured keepsake.

In conclusion, when you need a reliable gift box distributer, turn to us. We guarantee high-quality products at an affordable price.


Hardcover Binding Services in Nairobi Kenya.

Hard Cover Binding in Nairobi Kenya.

Hardcover binding is one of the best ways to create high-quality and durable books. Hardcover binding will ensure you preserve the books for longer. This type of binding is ideal for corporate gifts and long-lasting books. Learn more about this form of binding and where you can get these services below.

Essentials for Hardcover Binding

  • A durable cover. The cover is the most important part of a hardcover book. The cover protects the inner sheets of paper, so it needs to be durable with features such as water and piling resistance. In addition, a good hardcover has a beautiful finish.
  • A functional hinge. The hinge is the area around the spine that is folded when the book is opened. Poor binding services will show when the hinge starts to damage the spine a few weeks after use. Ensure that you get a durable and functional hinge.
  • The gutter. This is the space around the inside margins where the book is bound. Again this is a sensitive component that could undo the book if not done correctly.

We are keen on ensuring these and other components, such as paper quality, meet the highest standards. Rest assured that we will meet your bookbinding needs for long-lasting results.

Advantages of Hardcover Binding

  • Durability

    . Hardcover binding is excellent for creating books that have a long shelf life. It is an ideal method to create corporate gifts, keepsakes, and one-of-a-kind books.

  • Beautiful, classy finish.

  • The hardcover finish is professional and elegant. It makes the books ideal for presentation and gifting.
  • Easily customisable.

  • You can customise hardcover books during binding to create a unique and giftable item.

Get Hardcover Binding Today!

Our establishment offers high-quality bookbinding services. We are dedicated to giving the best results to our clients. Therefore, contact us today if you need to create corporate gifts that last or high-quality books on a budget. We will be happy to meet, if not exceed, your expectations!


Foiling services in Nairobi Kenya

Foiling Services in Nairobi Kenya.

Foiling is a great way to ensure your marketing mail stands out. It is also ideal for making your product packaging appear more attractive. If you need people to pay attention to your marketing items and products more, learn about foiling below and how it can change the game.

What Is Foiling?

Foiling is a finishing process that uses pressure, heat, and a metallic film known as ‘foil.’ The process adds a shiny effect to a design or print, making it stand out more.

The practitioner will apply the foil on a solid surface by using a heated die on the foil. This makes it adhere to the surface permanently, thus creating a metallic effect.

This form of printing is ideal for creating decorative items such as invites, packages, and marketing materials. Foils come in multiple colours, with gold and silver as the most popular ones. Additionally, you can get plain or holographic effects.

Advantages of Foiling

Foiling has several advantages, including:

  • It makes items stand out.
  • If you want to create eye-catching promotional materials and packaging, foiling will help. Foiling creates an attractive metallic effect ideal for these items.
  • Highlights details in designs.
  • Some designs need detail highlighting. Foiling is an excellent way to bring out the details in intricate designs.
  • It gives the items a premium feel.
  • You can turn an ordinary object into a premium-looking thing with foiling.
  • Versatility.
  • Foiling is ideal for various applications, including invitation cards, promotional materials, packaging boxes, paper, etc. With foiling offering a wide range of colours to choose from, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

High-Quality Foiling Services

Ready to make your marketing materials shine? Or do you have party invites that need to stand out? We can bring out the details in your prints through high-quality foiling services. Get in touch today for quality foiling at an affordable price.


Heat press printing in Nairobi Kenya

Heat Press Services In Nairobi Kenya.

You will likely encounter heat press printing in your search for t-shirt printing. Heat press printing is one of the most common methods of print branding on fabrics. But its uses spread beyond branding t-shirts.

Additionally, there are multiple reasons why many turn to this form of printing. Heat press could be what you are looking for to take your branded products to the next level.

What Is Heat Press Printing?

This form of printing uses a heat press machine. The machine imprints a design or graphic on materials (substrates) such as a t-shirt. It transfers the print using heat and pressure, applied for a set time.

There are a variety of heat presses available– some use vinyl, while others use solvent ink. The most common imprint designs on fabrics such as t-shirts and hoodies.

However, some unique machines can transfer designs onto mugs, plates, and even caps. Therefore, do not limit your products to just clothing when you consider this printing method.

Advantages of Using Heat Press Printing

  • Cost-effective

    . Heat press printing is cost-effective for small orders. Therefore, if you are an individual looking to personalize an item, screen printing should prove affordable. The same goes for small businesses printing uniforms for a few staff or limited promotional items.

  • Speed.

  • Heat transfer printing promises faster outputs, especially if printing more than three colors. The process allows you to print multiple colors at once. So if you are on a deadline, it is the ideal choice.
  • High resolution

    . Heat transfer printing produces high-resolution prints. It is a good choice for images with a lot of details. The process effectively captures the details for an accurate outcome, thus preserving uniqueness.

Call Us For Heat Press Printing

Heat press printing is the ideal choice for businesses and individuals needing intricate images with three or more colors. Not only will heat pressing complete the prints quickly, but you can also expect high-quality outcomes.

Our heat press printing services are available to small business owners, corporations, and individuals. Partner with us today for affordable prices and the best printing outcomes.


Screen printing in Nairobi kenya

Screen Printing in Nairobi Kenya

As a business, you may need to create branded items such as mugs, umbrellas, clothing, hats, etc. It could be for a sales promotion, signage, uniforms for your staff, or corporate gifts for shareholders.

For these reasons, you should always pick the right printing method that ensures the best outcomes. We recommend screen printing for high-quality results.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing involves the practitioner transferring a design onto a flat surface using a stencil, ink, mesh, and squeegee. This effective method is ideal for transferring prints onto metal, fabric, paper, wood, glass, and even plastic.

Therefore, screen printing is ideal for branding t-shirts, product labels, decals and stickers, signage, displays, and more.

Benefits of Screen Printing

  • Vibrance. Screen printing produces vibrant and deep colors, something other printing techniques fail to replicate. If you have a logo with unique colors that other printing methods never seem to get right, screen printing will get the job done. Each color layer is done separately, thus preserving clarity and vibrance.
  • Versatility. As mentioned before, you can use screen printing on various materials. Additionally, you can get multiple-colored designs, and the print will come out clear.
  • Cost-effectiveness. While screen printing is more expensive than other printing methods, it becomes cost-effective with high-volume orders. So if you are preparing for a sale or campaign, this is the ideal method.
  • Speed. Screen printing promises quick outcomes. It is especially efficient for printing a single design over and over.

We Offer Screen Printing Affordably

The key to successful branded products is quality. You need high-quality materials and high-quality screen printing.

You will get access to quality fabrics and paper by partnering with us for screen printing branding. In addition, you will enjoy the clarity and vibrance of our screen printing practices.

For more information about our affordable screen printing services, call today. We are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership with you.